3 Design Tricks That Turn an Average Bathroom Into an At-Home Spa

Wondering how you can turn your bathroom into a private haven for some much-needed relaxation? Here are three effective tricks that help you turn an ordinary bathroom into an at-home spa.

1. Develop a Great Layout

A functional layout is key when it comes to making any room in the house more comfortable, and that includes your bathroom. Consult the experts in home renovation Pikesville MD to help you design the layout of your bathing space, taking into account the flow of the room while conforming to all local codes. As you design your updated bathroom, it’s a great idea to install a new window if you don’t have one. Natural light is an important component in signaling the mind to relax so let in the light and ease away everyday tension.

2. Include Plant Life

Indoor plants bring a sense of calming serenity, as well as some pleasing scents, to a bathroom. Since you’re dealing with a warm and humid environment, you need to select your plant life accordingly. The Peace Lily or Boston fern add color and interest to the room and freshen it up, too.

3. Update the Lighting

The right lighting sets the tone for any interior space. In a bathroom, you want to have plenty of ambient light coming in from the windows, but it’s also a great touch to install accent lighting to add drama to the space. Install LED lighting strips throughout the room, especially around your tub or shower. Include a dimmer switch as part of this project so that you can brighten or dim the lights to your liking, creating a soft, soothing glow.

Your bathroom, no matter the size, has the potential to become your favorite place to unwind. Follow the tips above to create a stylish space dedicated to your personal comfort and relaxation.