3 Great Tips for Creating Your Own Formal Garden

Nothing makes a home look stately and elegant quite like a well-maintained formal garden. Luckily, you can give any garden a formal, orderly appearance by making just a few easy landscape updates. Follow these three design tips to give your garden a classic, formal look that will wow your friends and neighbors.

1. Prune Trees and Shrubs

Formal landscapes are typically defined by balance, symmetry and an overall sense of orderliness. Repetitive features such as planters filled with carefully trimmed topiary strongly convey a formal landscape style, one in which the delicate intervention of the gardener can easily be seen. You can use shaped shrubbery to enhance the feeling of repetition and structure. Since a keen eye and experienced hand are required to create these impressive plantings, leave this job to expert landscapers Rocklin CA.

2. Create Curb Appeal

You don’t have to have acres of land to create a formal garden, in fact, formal gardens are great for giving your front entry some added curb appeal. An element that will give instant curb appeal to your formal garden are classical urns. When filled with colorful blooms and placed symmetrically around a front entry, it creates a very striking visual effect.

3. Design Attractive Walkways

One classic formal garden design motif is turning the central axis of your garden into a path or walkway. Other pathways should radiate from the central path, leading you and your guests throughout your grounds. Use stone as the material for the path and add a decorative touch by using curbstones to demarcate the borders of each path, giving them an orderly, structured appearance.

Formal gardens give a landscape design a classical look that highlights the careful intervention of the gardener’s hand. By following these tips, you’ll give your landscape a note of stately formality, making your home stand out from the rest of the block.