3 Recommended Inspections for Older Homes

A safe home for a family goes beyond installing a security system or cameras. Before moving into a home, you need to take inventory of any safety or potential safety concerns by completing any necessary updates or repairs. Here are three things to take a close look at before moving into your new family home.


Depending on the age of the home you’re looking at, there is a chance the roof needs to be updated. Snow, hail, and intense storms at any time of year can cause substantial or hidden roof damage, so be sure to complete a roof inspection in Daytona Beach before you finish signing your contracts and move in.  A roof replacement is often covered by insurance, or the previous owner of the home, and it can be completed in very little time.


Calling a licensed and insured plumbing company to complete an full house inspection of the plumbing is a smart idea too. This inspection will hopefully detect any leaks under the home or in the walls. It can find any sewer blockages, big or small, and inform you if anything is especially outdated and needs replacing. After all, you want to do everything you can to prevent a flood. Water damage is particularly difficult to reverse in any home.


Old homes have old foundations, and they were probably built with outdated practices. Combat a sinking foundation by having your home checked by a professional company. This will ensure your floors stay level, your deck won’t slope, and the home itself isn’t leaning to one side. There is a lot that can be done to correct any issues if you can catch them early.

Inspecting your new older home is an important part of the moving process. After all, you want your home to be up-to-date and properly repaired before trusting it with your family’s comfort and safety.