4 Reasons To Schedule a Well Inspection

Homeowners are used to scheduling annual maintenance checks for home appliances and amenities. Sprinkler systems, pest control services, roofing, and HVAC units all need professional support over the year. If you have a well, you should include a well inspection in this list too — here are four reasons why.

Murky Water

Sand or soil in the water means sediment is getting into your well. This can happen for two reasons: your well pump could be too close to the bottom of the well, or you may have a leak in the well walls allowing sediment to get inside. Sediment is usually harmless, but most people prefer their water to look crystal clear.

Air in the Faucet

As with many well issues, air coming out of the faucets may be perfectly harmless, but it could also signify a problem. You might just need your pump settings adjusted, or your pump drop pipe could be damaged. But you may also have a high concentration of dangerous dissolved gases. Scheduling well pump services Neptune Beach will ensure you catch any issues before they worsen.

Bad Smells

Groundwater can smell. It’s often nothing to worry about, but nobody wants to drink something that smells foul. And while most of the time it’s fine, there’s always a risk something unpleasant — or even dangerous — is causing the odor.

Changes in Water Color

Your water supply can change color for any number of reasons. It’s usually a sign of contamination, but it doesn’t always mean there’s something wrong — pink water is commonly caused by a harmless organism, for example. However, in the worst instance, your water could contain a toxin.

Make a well inspection part of your annual home maintenance program alongside the rest of your routine plumbing work to ensure fresh, clean water all year round.