Checklist for an Out-of-State Move

You have finished your move to a new state. All your belongings are in the new house, and you are getting to know your neighborhood and city. Even after you’ve unpacked, however, there are a few things you still need to do to make sure your move is complete.

Local Services

Many people have favorite local businesses they frequent. A good way to get to know your new city is to find places that are convenient and provide the services you need. For example, if your work clothes need a spruce, it’s useful to know a good place to get dry cleaning San Diego CA. An easy way to make a list of all the services you need to replace is by perusing your credit card and checking account records for the last year. 

Family Doctors

Even if you and your family members are relatively healthy, it’s a good idea to establish care with doctors and specialists just in case you need them. If your new job comes with an insurance package, find a doctor in your network and make an appointment. You also may need to find a dentist, eye doctor and pediatrician. 

Driver Responsibilities

It’s hard to get around in most places without your own vehicle. Within the first few months of living in a new state, you should get a driver’s license and update your vehicle registration. Every state has different regulations, so a bit of preliminary research is in order.

Mailing Address

Finally, you want to ensure that you experience as few interruptions in mail service as possible. You can have your mail forwarded from your old address. You will also need to fill out the change-of-address form on the USPS website. 

Getting your belongings from one house to another is a big part of moving to a new state, but it’s only the beginning. Replacing or updating all the basic services you rely on should also be on your checklist.