Creating the Perfect Craftsman Style Room

Interior design may seem like a difficult thing to do. It is exciting to think about having a well put together home that those who enter can admire and gush about, but quite another thing to create such a room. If you are interested in designing with the craftsman style in mind, you will find a few guidelines to follow below.

Stick to Dark Wood

Most craftsman style furniture is finished in a dark stain and deeply colored upholstery. It adds a cozy and at the same time, subdued opulence to any room. Stay in character by adding rich, leather upholstered side chairs or a leather ottoman. Never mix this bold, masculine style with smaller, more delicate pieces such as a table with Queen Ann legs, as that would destroy the integrity of the style. However, you can combine some of the quality Amish furniture bay area residents rave about because it goes well with the craftsman style.

Choose Appropriate Lighting

This era was particularly fond of using mica in their metal-framed lamp shades. This mineral, when shaved down to a thinness of regular glass, allows light to filter through in a golden blaze that brings a warmth and an inviting aura to a room. Leaded stained glass was also popular, especially with motifs of dragonflies or similar small creatures. The lamp bases should not be too ornate or rounded. Most craftsman style lamps are quite architectural in nature.

Select Quality Accessories

When choosing the items you want to sit on coffee tables or shelves in this craftsman style room, remember to keep them more utilitarian than fluffy. Maps framed in a simple dark wood, handmade pottery, roughly woven baskets and other more rustic items will be quite at home in such a room. Texture is the name of the game when you accessorize. Pillows should be a tapestry or leather type fabric and a chunky knit throw can complete the look.

Adding neutral tones of grey, brown or taupe to the walls can give the room a stunning finish. With a little effort, you can have a room that you can be very proud of.