Fighting Back After a Midwest Storm

Not all storms arrive with cold weather. Sometimes nature’s destructive forces can pound against your home at almost any time of the year. When storms strike at your house, either from the thunderstorms that throw hail your way or the tornadoes and their heavy winds, you can fight back and keep your home safe using these three ideas.

1. Roof

Golf ball-sized hail isn’t unusual in St. Louis, but the softball-sized balls of ice are. When the weather serves up those ice chunks, your roof will take a horrible beating that can allow water into your home. When hail strikes, call a residential roofing St Louis company to help you find the damage and fix it before the next Midwest storm hits.

2. Exterior

Those same huge hailstones can damage your home’s siding, but so can those torrential winds that come with those unannounced tornadoes. Although most homeowner’s insurance covers the issue, while you wait on the list for a service technician to become available, the dents, holes, and missing siding pieces can allow dirt, water, and pests to enter your home. Call your insurance company about the damage right after the storm moves on to attack someone else’s home.

3. Trees

While tornadoes can rip trees from the ground, it isn’t a common occurrence. However, the more common hailstones that accompany those storms can rip through branches and damage your trees. Inspect your trees after any storm to check for defoliation or broken limbs. If there is any destruction in the canopy, call for an arborist to come out and cut the broken sections back or remove the tree completely if needed.

Storms are often destructive forces that your home can protect you from. However, when a severe storm strikes your home, fight back by protecting it using the three ideas listed above.