How To Maintain a Beautiful Yard

One of the joys of homeownership is having a yard around your home. This piece of paradise is all your own to enjoy. Doing regular maintenance on it is the secret to keeping it a beautiful and pleasant place for you and your loved ones to enjoy year-round. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Cut Down Dead Trees

No matter how well you take care of your trees, they can die due to old age or environmental factors, such as too cold or hot conditions that last for an extended period of time. Leaving a dead tree standing in your yard is a safety hazard as well as an eyesore to you and your neighbors. Instead, contact a professional company in your area that specializes in tree and stump removal Orlando FL to have it removed and the debris hauled away.

Trim Bushes Regularly

Instead of trimming your bushes when you notice they look out of shape and overgrown, make it a habit to trim them every two weeks in the spring, summer and early fall. Then, when winter ends, prune your shrubs back to encourage new growth and fresh blooms in the springtime.

Take Care of the Lawn

A lush green lawn is an asset to any home. Make sure you give it the right amount of water and mow it to a medium height to keep it healthy. Leave the grass clippings on your lawn to provide natural fertilization to the roots. Apply a pre-emergent herbicide in March or April to prevent any weed seeds from germinating in your grass. During the growing season, be aggressive about looking for and promptly removing any weeds that do pop up.

Being proactive about maintaining your yard throughout the year will keep your piece of paradise beautiful in every season.