How to Take Better Care of Your Roof

Your roof is one of the key components of your home, so it’s well worth your time and effort to take care of it. Not only that but taking good care of your roof can prevent premature replacement and major, expensive repairs.

Get Rid of Leaves

Throughout the year, but especially in the fall, piles of leaves may gather on top of your roof. Although seemingly harmless, these leaves can trap moisture that can damage your shingles and create the need for repairs. Any roofing company Laurel MD will tell you that it’s a good idea to routinely get rid of leaves sitting on top of your roof.

Regularly Clean Your Gutters

Your gutters divert rainwater off of your roof and down away from your foundation when it rains. Clean out your gutters regularly to remove leaves, debris, tree branches, and other things that could prevent your gutters from working like they should during a storm. In most cases, you should clean out your gutters every fall and every spring for the best results.

Trim Branches

Large trees are a beautiful asset to your property, but their existence can become a hazard for your roof if you’re not careful. To better maintain your roof, trim your trees so that the branches don’t rest on top of your roof. This will also cut back on the amount of leaves that gather on top of your roof throughout the year.

Watch Out for Issues

It’s easy to ignore roofing issues and hope they’ll eventually go away on their own. Unfortunately, this approach can mean bad things for your roof over time. Watch out for roofing issues as they arise and fix them promptly to prevent additional damage. Common warning signs you should watch out for include leaks, broken shingles, and shingle granules showing up in your gutters.