How To Take Care of Fireplace

Owning a fireplace can be great for keeping warm in the winter. It can be a great asset to your home and even increase your home’s value. It can be the focal point of your living room, and there is nothing quite like snuggling up on the couch by a fire on a long winter’s night. However, there is some maintenance required with a fireplace, and it is important that you follow these guidelines for safety reasons. You should never leave a fire unattended, you should clean out ashes regularly and you need inspections on a routine basis.

Never Leave it Unattended

When you have a fire going in your home, you never want to leave it unattended. While most fireplaces are very safe to use, you never know when a spark could escape and ignite something. If you are close by, you might be able to put out the fire quickly. If you are not in your house or are in another room, the fire may have spread before you can put it out.

Clean Out Ashes Regularly

Ashes can be a fire hazard if you leave them for too long, and they can also make your fireplace look dirty. Be sure that you are scooping them regularly and keeping everything clean. You can use special fireplace tools, and there are special ash buckets that you can scoop ashes into until you can take them outside. 

Have Inspections and Maintenance on a Regular Basis

You should have a licensed professional that performs chimney inspections Washington DC come out on a routine basis to check for any problems. If there are any issues noticed, they should be addressed as soon as possible for your home’s safety.

Having a fireplace can be a rewarding thing and even more so when you take care of it properly.