Operate Your Home from Your Smartphone

Remember the bad old days when you had to actually get up and make coffee in the morning, push the curtains aside, physically adjust a thermostat, and turn lights on and off with your own finger on a switch? Primitive times! Now almost everything that’s worth doing around the house you can do on your phone. 

Daily Routine

No more laboriously setting your clock radio; new versions can be set through your phone, and of course, you can use your phone as an alarm all by itself. You’ll wake up and smell the coffee, having set the machine the night before through your phone to brew automatically (because having to set a timer on the actual machine is so 20th century). Your lights can be programmed to go on and off at the times you’d usually do so manually thanks to smart plugs that work through an app.

Climate Control

Home automation has made a big impact on the way we cool and heat our homes. Smart thermostats mean you can set your desired temperature even when you’re away from home, allowing things to be less comfortable in your absence and perfectly comfortable when you open your front door (having turned off the alarm with your phone and maybe opened the lock that way too). Even letting in the morning or afternoon light is easier, as motorized blinds new jersey can be set to open and close without you needing to contact a cord or shift a slat.

On the Road

Click open your car doors, start the engine, get the heater and defroster going, and start your tunes playing through your phone. There’s not an app yet that can actually drive for you, but we can be pretty sure it’s coming.

Though you may not be saving much electricity through all this automation, you’re certainly conserving your own. Flipping switches is so taxing!