Pest Control Best Practices

Have you ever had company that you just couldn’t get rid of? Insects, vermin and other pests are the most horrible house guests. They leave a path of discomfort, disease and destruction wherever they go. Try the following ideas to make this sort of unwanted guess go away.

Preemptive Measures

The best way to check unwelcome guests is to give them no cause to enter in the first place. Keep surfaces clean and free of pest attractants, particularly food particles and pools of standing water. For the same reason, your kitchen garbage can should be covered by a lid. Keep grain products in airtight bins and jars to prevent weevils. To repel clothes moths, put cedar blocks in your dresser drawers.

Preliminary Measures

Once you discover a pest problem, you must act ASAP. It’s crucial to catch vermin before they breed. You can buy sticky flypaper to catch and poison flies, and mousetraps you can bait yourself with a little cheese or peanut butter. Additionally, you can lace your bait with commercial rat poisons, but be careful if you have pets or small children.

Extreme Measures

Some household wars can’t be won alone, especially against termites and other wood-boring insects. When this happens, you need reinforcements to bring the big guns. It’s time to hire a professional pest control Portland OR firm to bring their advanced resources and techniques to your defense. These experts get to the root of your pest problem and work with you to eliminate it efficiently.

In worse cases, it may be necessary to evacuate your home temporarily while exterminators fumigate the building. On a brighter note, increased public awareness of harmful pesticides has made companies more careful about what products they use, as well as when and how they use them. These eco-friendly methods are known as “green pest control.”

Don’t let vermin drive you out of your head or out of your own home. Start taking these steps right away and send those pests packing.