Popular Choices for Steel Construction

Although piles for retaining walls may consist of wood and concrete, steel is the most common material for large-scale construction projects due to its strength. These are among the most common types of interlocking pile systems to support your structure.


Suppliers of H pile Syracuse NY consider this an excellent choice for projects, including bridges, skyscrapers or anything requiring a deep foundation. H-shaped piles have the same width and depth, and their flanges and webs have the same thickness. These attributes make them suitable for penetrating dense soil or gravel and facilitate their easy removal for recycling. They cause minimal disruption to surrounding areas, and their lengths are customizable on-site, making them ideal for use in tight urban settings, including subway construction. 


Piles comprising the Z-system have two arms on either side of a horizontal axis. Each arm has its own horizontal protrusion that connects with those of adjacent piles. Z-pile systems are the most popular choice for construction projects with cantilevering and tied-back systems

The U-pile is a variation that differs from the Z-pile in how it connects to neighboring piles. The connection point for a U-pile is at each arm surrounding a central axis. The U-pile does not have the additional arm protrusion; therefore, it is somewhat less stable than the Z-pile system, making it better suited for temporary retaining walls or barriers.

Cylinder Pile

Flat steel sheets can bend to form arcs or cylinders that rely on gravity to hold them together. Increasing the cylinders’ diameter increases their load-bearing capacity by distributing weight evenly and horizontally. Filling the cylinders with concrete before sealing them reinforces their strength. Cylinders piles are an excellent choice for bridge construction projects or areas where soil density is not sufficient.

Although steel is one of the most robust piling materials for construction use, choosing the appropriate pile shape will ensure the stability your project requires.