Restoring Wood Furniture

Have you ever had an old dresser that was an eye-sore in your house? Instead of taking it to the dump, you might consider restoring it. The trendy thing seems to be painting or staining furniture and then adding some cute, new hardware to it.

Reasons To Restore Wood Furniture

Although wood restoration Easton is the trendy thing to do, here are a few more reasons why you should restore the furniture you already have.

  • It’s rewarding.
  • You can help protect the environment.
  • You’ll have a new, decorative piece in your house.
  • Wood restoration adds character. 
  • Restoring furniture is cost-effective.
  • Each piece can be customizable. 

How To Restore Wood Furniture

When starting on your project, the first thing you want to do is inspect the piece of furniture. Are there dings and dents? If so, consider buffing them out with a sander. Once you have sanded your furniture, the next step is to clean it. Cleaning it really well gives you an easy start. 

Now here comes the fun part. You get to pick out your paint and get ready to begin. After you have your color of paint chosen, make sure you have an area devoted to your project. Whether it be in the garage or in the backyard, it is important to lay down ground coverings in case there are any spills.

Painting the furniture will be time-consuming, but it is rewarding to see the progress start happening. After you let the paint dry and cure, put your new hardware on and get ready to love the character your restored piece adds to your house.

Restoring your own furniture can be a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work too. Always give yourself an adequate amount of time to finish the project you have started. You will be so proud after you have completed it. Everyone will love what you have created!