The Dangers of Not Cleaning Septic Tanks

Your septic tank does something incredibly important: it cleans your wastewater before releasing the clean water back into the environment. However, having a septic tank is not a completely hands-off system because you have to make sure that proper maintenance is performed on it periodically. Otherwise, there are some serious issues that could arise!

Septic Tank Maintenance

You’re probably wondering: what kind of maintenance do septic tanks need? Well, most importantly, they need to have a periodic septic tank inspection Antioch. To understand why you must first understand that as septic tanks clean your wastewater, some of the waste that they can’t process is left behind and starts to accumulate in the tank. This solid waste continues to accumulate over time and, if left untreated, can reach critical levels.

The Consequences of Forgone Maintenance

There are many awful things that can happen if the solid waste levels in your tank are allowed to accumulate to critical levels. For example, if the tank is completely full of solid waste, a blockage will occur, and the tank won’t take your wastewater anymore. Your home will be impacted because the wastewater will start coming back up your drains, sinks and toilets. This could cause floods of wastewater inside your home, introducing harmful bacteria into your home that could make you and your family sick.

Aside from impacting you and your family in a negative way, a lack of maintenance on your tank could also harm the environment. It’s possible that a blockage could cause some of the wastewater from your home to leak into the ground around your home, potentially causing harm to the soil and polluting the groundwater.

An inspection can help professionals determine if it’s time for your tank to be cleaned of the solid waste that has accumulated inside of it, averting catastrophe.