Three Crucial Tests for Industrial Compressors

Fluid compressors are some of the most versatile and useful equipment in many industrial plants. They’re used in various manufacturing and processing stages to increase the pressures of gases or liquids to meet the required parameters. An industrial compressor, depending on its build specs, can pressurize fluids to the range of a few hundred PSIs to a few thousand PSIs. This means that these machines operate at extremely high tolerances; it’s, therefore, essential to regularly test certain features to check operational efficiency and safety.

Proof Pressure Testing

What is proof pressure testing? This is a series of testing methods used to verify that critical components can withstand the pressure of the system without failing or sustaining damage. Some of these vital components may include valves, pipes, and compression chambers. It’s critical that the compressor itself can handle the high pressures generated under its performance ratings. The peripherals (storage tanks, filters, inlet and outlet systems) must also be able to cope with the pressure.

Leak Testing

Both gas and liquid compressor are not entirely immune to leakage. Small leaks within the compressor or its plumbing could lead to catastrophic damage to the system. A leak can overwork the compressor’s driver and lower the compression efficiency and performance. Leaks could also jeopardize the safety of the workers if the leaking fluid had harmful or toxic properties. Leak tests identify both active leaks and potential leak areas.

Fault Tolerance Testing

Every compressor is made up of several individual components, which must work in harmony for smooth operation. A fault-tolerance test investigates how a compressor behaves when some of its key elements fail or act unpredictably. For instance, what happens once the intake supply cuts out, or the outlet valve fails? Modern compressors are fitted with sophisticated sensors that detect faults and automatically activate failsafe measures. Testing these functions reassures the user that the system can safely handle critical failures.

Testing of industrial compressors is done during initial installation and repeated during routine inspection and maintenance. Testing not only guarantees the machine’s performance but also ensures user safety when handling the compressor.