Tips for Keeping Your Lawn Green All Season Long

Have you been looking for more ways to bring out the green in your lawn? Many people struggle to keep their yard verdant and attractive. Luckily there’s a few helpful tips that can help your grass look fantastic.

Water Your Grass

Grass can’t survive without water. It’s possible to grow grass in many different types of climates, but it’s not possible if you don’t have proper irrigation. Typical lawns usually operate with a sprinkler irrigation system that is composed of underground pipes that attach to sprinkler heads equally spaced throughout your yard. Sometimes these systems break down and you’ll have what looks like a geyser erupting all over your lawn. When this happens, it’s a good idea to call a professional who specializes in irrigation repair Kent.

Use a Fertilizer

Especially after a long and cold winter, it’s important to give your grass a fertilizer. This is essentially a kind of “food” that provides plant nutrition to boost growth and improve the heartiness of the grass. Fertilizers are most commonly available in a granulated dry form that is deposited onto the lawn by using a walk-behind wheeled spreading tool. 

Get the Right Landscaping Equipment

Sometimes people use the wrong tools for the job when it comes to cutting grass or trimming plants in their yard. If you’re cutting your grass too short or not short enough, then you may run into health problems with your lawn. If your mower is leaving behind big clumps of cut grass that smother patches of your yard, then you may want to switch to a bag mower. When you have the correct equipment for your project, you will likely be more successful.

Getting a greener yard doesn’t have to be an impossible task. You can keep your grass thriving with a little bit of advice, elbow grease, and some perseverance.