Tips to Make Your Home Cooler During the Summer

It’s never too early to begin preparing for the soaring temperatures of a South Florida summer. Cooling your home using a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is often useful but not always the best answer. Not only does it increase energy use, which also causes skyrocketing utility bills, it’s also expensive to install if your older home doesn’t have one. However, there are several alternatives to a central air system.

Attic Fan

These units help keep the air in your home cooler by pushing the warm, stuffy air out of the house and circulating the cooler air, providing a consistent breeze. Since it doesn’t have a cooling agent, it is not as effective by itself in hot weather. However, when used in conjunction with a mini-split or spot coolers South Florida homes can get some relief from the heat.

Ductless Air Conditioner

For homes that don’t already have an HVAC, installing ductwork for a new system is time-consuming and expensive. A less invasive option is adding a mini-split system, also referred to as a mini-split. The condenser sits on the outside of the house, similar to a regular A/C unit but smaller. The units are attached to the wall inside, allowing you to adjust the temperature for one room. This makes it incredibly cost-effective if you like to keep the bedroom cool at night, but you don’t want to cool the entire house.

Spot Cooler

Also known as a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler, the fan on these units blows air through a water-soaked pad or sponge. The air pushed through the sponge cools your home, allowing you to control the temperature from room to room. These units work best when the humidity is low. Air coolers are often installed on the roof but are also available in portable units that can be used in individual rooms. Combining multiple options can help you lower the temperature in your home and reduce utility bills for a much more pleasant summer.