Types of Public Transportation

Public transportation is a great way to get to where you need to go while cutting the amount of pollution that goes into the atmosphere. Here are a few options that can get you from point A to point B. 

Bussing Options

A common form of mass transit is by bus. Riding a shuttle bus from houston to galveston might be hard to adjust to your schedule, but the journey allows you read, work or visit with other travelers riding with you. For a small amount per month, you can have someone drive for you. Even though the bus is a larger vehicle that takes more gas, the amount of cars it replaces significantly cuts down on exhaust in the atmosphere.

Riding the Railroad

Another method of public transportation is taking the train. There are multiple versions of this mode from an actual railroad taking you from the suburbs into the city to a subway that transports you beneath the urban streets. This form of travel is usually inexpensive. Schedules for subways are a little more convenient than the railroad and are easier to adapt to. Like the bus, you will need to plan your day around the train schedule and make sure you have something to keep you busy while you ride.

Catching a Ride

You can also register with a carshare service and carpool to your job or see if there are co-workers who want to take turns driving in the morning. Even though you or someone in your group is driving your car that day, it cuts down on the pollution in the air since there are multiple cars staying off the roads. While your pick-up time will change depending on who is taking the wheel that morning, your commute will be shorter and more direct and will give you a chance to develop friendships with the people you are with.