Ways to Garden With a Purpose

In 2021, people are looking at gardening differently. Instead of straight lines of sculpted hedges and ornamental plants, homeowners are focused on getting the most out of their yards. Whether that means hanging a hammock in the shade or planting an apple tree to eat from, giving a purpose to every outdoor space has become the latest trend. Here are three ways that this new trend is changing the way people think about their yards.

Front Yard

The front yard has traditionally been about looking good. Plants and flowers were chosen for their visual appearance instead of their usefulness. This idea is slowly changing. Now, people recognize that the front yard can be as functional as the back yard. Vegetable gardens and children’s play areas can enhance the curb appeal of a home just as much as a carpet of green grass, maybe more! If this idea makes your skin crawl, then don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a landscape Boca Raton design company. They can help you to achieve this tricky balance.


Rewilding is the process of returning your yard back to nature. This doesn’t mean you simply let your yard become overgrown. It means incorporating native plants, ditching harmful chemicals, and inviting birds and animals into your shared space. There is less importance put on mowing and maintaining the yard, and more attention on providing plants as the basis of the local food web. Add birdhouses, beehives and little ponds of water for frogs and salamanders. Let things grow a little wild.

Potager Garden

A potager garden combines flowers, herbs and vegetables to produce a space that is productive and ornamental. Potager gardens adhere to traditional landscaping ideas of line, color and texture. However, they differ in that the garden serves multiple purposes. Flowers are used for color and as companion plants to encourage pollination of all the crops. These gardens have traditional beds and paths but are usually laid out in more creative shapes.