What To Look for in a Moving Company

Moving is usually a stressful, time-consuming thing. You have a lot going on and need to stay on top of all of it. Because of this, you need to find ways to reduce that stress and get extra help. Movers could be just what you need. Now, not all moving companies are the same. Here are some things to look for when choosing movers. 

Licensed and Insured

safe moving company Edmond OK is fully licensed and insured. You never want to work with a company that isn’t, because you’ll have no protection if something happens to your things during the move. You could try to take them to court, but that means a lot more time and money spent dealing with the issue. 

You can search online through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and verify that your moving company has current insurance, and if you’re moving states, a required USDOT number. This number ensures that they have registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation and are a legitimate company. 

Good Reviews

Reviews can be quite telling about a company. If you come across movers with more negative reviews than positive, you’ll want to keep looking. People typically leave reviews when they’ve had a really good or really bad experience, and it’s helpful for you to know both sides. When looking for reviews, look at different sites. Not everyone leaves their reviews at all the same websites.

Transparent Fees

When comparing movers, you’ll likely get an estimate instead of a concrete final price. This price can change due to packing materials required, how many men are needed, and even how many pieces of heavy furniture need to be moved. Before scheduling the movers, ask what would constitute an extra fee. If they are hesitant to say or just tell you that they’ll talk about it on the day of the move, you should go with someone else. You don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t upfront about their costs.