What You Should Know About Open Houses

As someone who’s in the market for a new house, you’re aware that the process is much more involved than other major purchases. Like other purchases, there’s value in shopping around and getting all the details. Open houses provide the opportunity for an up-close and personal look at a potential place. Here are some things you should know.

Use Your Senses

Real estate websites and publications often feature professional photos that show properties in the best light. With an open house, you get to engage your other senses in helping you to decide. How does the place smell? What are you seeing when you look at the various features? Do you like the way the place is laid out? These are just some of the questions that an open house can help answer.  

Know Before You Go

If you were going to buy a new car, presumably you’d have an idea of how much you want to spend. This is definitely true with a new residence. Before you start attending open houses for all the Smithfield VA homes for sale, you need to know how much you can afford as well as how much a lender is willing to finance. For example, you don’t want to fall in love with a $500,000 home only to find that you’re only preapproved for a maximum loan of $250,000.

Observe Your Surroundings

An open house is not just about the building for sale. It’s also about the particular street, subdivision, neighborhood and more. When you go, make note of the surrounding area. Also, keep in mind that the time of day also matters. The place you’ve got your eye on may appear perfect until you realize that the neighbors are loud or that street parking can be a nuisance.

Open houses can be a fun and eye-opening part of your house hunt. Serious buyers should take advantage of all that a showing can offer. It’s one chance to look beyond pretty photographs and really see what you’d be getting.