Why Don’t You Have a Pool Yet?

For many Texas homeowners, a pool in the backyard signifies luxury, status and just plain fun. When temperatures reach triple digits, a pool may seem like an absolute necessity. Perhaps you are considering getting a pool installed but have concerns. Here are some common objections, and why you should not let them keep you from creating your dream backyard.

Pools are Expensive

Like most home improvement projects, installing a pool does come at a price. However, an in-ground pool is likely to cost about the same as the average kitchen remodel. For approximately the same money, you can redo a room you already have or turn your backyard into an oasis featuring a private swimming pool. Financing options are available.

Maintenance is a Hassle

Few aspects of a home are self-sustaining. Just about everything needs to be checked, cleaned and maintained; swimming pools are no exception. Many pool owners find that their pools require attention on a weekly basis, from skimming leaves off the top to clearing filters to vacuuming the bottom. If you do not want to perform those tasks, find a pool cleaning service Round Rock TX to come by weekly or monthly.

We Won’t Use it Enough

Summers in the Round Rock region of Texas are hot and humid, with temperatures climbing above 80 degrees in May and staying there halfway through October. You and your family can hide inside with the shades drawn and the air conditioning cranked up, but wouldn’t you rather spend sunny days outside cooling off in the pool?

In addition to keeping you cool, a pool may encourage you and your family to exercise. Swimming provides a whole-body cardiovascular workout that is easy on joints. The stretching motion is good for your back, and the breathing techniques required may help improve lung function. In short, swimming is a fun, healthy activity you can share with your whole family.